• Chapel Window Gallery

St. John's Stained Glass Window Gallery

The stained glass windows at Saint John's Catholic Chapel a­re beautiful representations of significant stories of our faith. Below you will find images of the windows, enhanced to bring out their original color. To view an entire window, along with a brief description, click on the window's image.


Woman Taken in Adultery

The Crucifixion

Jesus and Children




Jesus Calms the Seas

Child Jesus in the Temple

Jesus Calls His Apostles




Laborers for the Harvest

Jesus Heals the Sick

The Nativity




The Scouring at the Pillar

Sorrowful Mary

Jesus is Arrested




The Good Shepherd

Jesus and the Rich Man

The Agony in the Garden




The Resurrection

John the Baptist

Saints Monica and Augustine





King David

St. Cecilia




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