Ash Wednesday Mass, Sacrament, and Ash Service Times


8:00 AM
12:05 PM
5:00 PM
9:00 PM

Ash Services

12:15 PM in Swetland Assembly Room
2:00 PM in Main Chapel
3:00 PM in Main Chapel
5:10 PM in Swetland Assembly Room and Lewis Lounge
9:10 PM in Swetland Assembly Room


All day in the Main Chapel beginning at 9 AM, except during scheduled Mass times.

Regular Academic Year Schedule (when classes are in session)

Weekend Masses
5:00 PM Saturday Vigil
10:30 AM Sunday Traditional
5:00 PM Sunday Praise & Worship
9:00 PM Sunday Candlelight

Daily Masses
12:05 PM Monday-Friday
5:00 PM Monday-Friday

4:00 PM Monday-Saturday

4:00 PM Monday-Friday