Welcome Week 2022

Thursday, August 18

Welcome Back Bash

We're closing out Welcome Week with the Welcome Back Bash on the Rectory Lawn. Plus, a campus photo scavenger hunt to discover all the spots you need to know on campus, whiffle ball and bags on the Rectory Lawn, and lots more! The evening ends with the campus-hosted Sights & Sounds and Outdoor Concert events!


8:00 AM Campus Walk and
Campus Run
10:00 AM Campus Photo Scavenger Hunt
1:00 PM Coffee Crawl
2:00 PM Whiffle Ball & Bags on the Rectory Lawn
2:00 PM Paint & Plant
4:00 PM Bingo!
5:00 PM Welcome Back Bash! on the Rectory Lawn
7:00 PM Campus New Student Program Events: Sights & Sounds and Outdoor Concert


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