Welcome Week 2022

Tuesday, August 16

Explore Off Campus and On

Start the day off with a campus coffee walk or explore campus with us on bike. Then we'll head downtown to explore all that downtown Champaign has to offer. Finish the day with some acai bowls, mini-golf, or Uno, and end the night with the Newman Olympics!


8:00 AM Campus Run and
Campus Bike
10:00 AM Explore Downtown Champaign
1:00 PM Acai Bowls at the Union
2:00 PM Mini Golf on the Rectory Lawn
2:00 PM Tie-Dye on the Terrace
4:00 PM Uno! Tournament
6:00 PM Floor Family Dinner
7:30 PM Speed Friending on the 2North Terrace
8:00 PM Newman Olympics on the Rectory Lawn
10:00 PM Game Night


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