Are you ready to decorate your room? Here’s (almost) everything you might want to know!

What’s Included In The Room?

All bedrooms at Newman Hall include:

  • loftable twin extra-long bed (available in low, mid, high, or bunked)
  • desk with hutch (with 3 drawers and 2 cubbies)
  • desk chair
  • 3-drawer dresser (with 1 lockable drawer)
  • garbage cans and recycling bin
  • waterproof mattress cover

North Suite Rooms also include:

  • seating for 4 in common living room (2 chairs and 1 love seat)
  • coffee table
  • 2 bathroom sinks and 2 vanities with mirror
    • each sink vanity includes 6 drawers and cabinet space
  • shower curtain liner

North Private Single Rooms also include:

  • sink and vanity with 3 drawers and cabinet space
  • shower curtain liner

South Rooms also include:

  • sink with vanity and mirror
    • vanity includes cabinet space

What Should I Bring?

Everyone’s individual needs are different, of course, but here’s a handy list of what you should consider bringing and what you can safely leave behind.

A few items we recommend for room decorating and organization purposes:

  • 3M hooks and wall adhesive strips for affixing posters, etc. in south rooms
  • Tacks for affixing decor in north rooms
  • UL-listed power strip with surge protector and extension cord (like this one)
  • Standard padlock or combination lock for the dresser
  • Twin XL sized sheets if you plan to bring your own
    • But, don’t forget about our FREE linen service! If you plan to use our sheets, no need to bring your own.

Plan to coordinate with your roommate about:

  • Refrigerator (4 cu. ft. or less) and microwave
  • Area rug
    • We recommend size 5×7 or 5×9 for all rooms including shared living rooms in the north suites.
  • Our Campus Market offers coordinating linens and comforters if you want to match styles with your roommate.


Submit your bedloft request by August 2nd to ensure that your bed is set the way you want it when you move in.


  • Low loft (1′ off floor)
  • Mid loft (31″ clearance under bed frame)
    • Mid loft is the default setting. If you don’t submit a bed loft request your bed will be set to the mid loft height.
    • Dresser fits under the bed
  • High loft (50-53″ clearance under bed frame)
  • Bunked
    • Your roommate must mutually request your beds to be bunked.

Forgot to submit your loft request, or want to make a change during the year? Email your request to once you arrive and we’ll take care of it as soon as we can.

Plan Your Decor

There are just a few things you should know before planning your room decor:

  • Fire code regulations require that the walls in your room be covered less than 50%. So, if you’re planning to bring tapestries or other large wall hangings, be sure that you aren’t covering more than 50% of any single wall.
  • Fire code regulations also prevent the use of candles, incense, or other heat-producing utilities. See the Rules & Regulations for a complete list of prohibited items.
  • Please don’t hang anything from or affix anything to sprinklers, pipes, etc.
  • If you’re using string lights, you’ll have to have them affixed to the wall. Fire code regulations prevent them from being draped across furniture.

Get Tips from Returning Residents

Head to Instagram and check out our Room Decor highlight for some great room decorating and organization tips and tricks submitted by returning residents!

What Size Is…?

Here are some basic dimensions of your room furniture elements. Please note that these sizes are approximate; there is some variation throughout the building.


  • 79″ long between bed posts
  • 38.5″ wide
  • See bed lofting information above for clearance

Desk with Hutch & 3 Drawers

  • Desk Surface: 41.5″long x 23.5″ wide
  • Height from desk surface to bottom of hutch shelves: 17″
  • Height from floor to desk surface: 30″
  • Hutch cubbies (2): 17.5″ long x 10.25″ wide x 12″ deep
  • Total desk height including hutch: 66″
  • Desk drawer interior dimensions (2 small drawers): 12.75″ long x 20″ wide x 4″ deep
  • Desk drawer interior dimensions (1 large drawer): 12.75″ long x 20″ wide x 10″ deep


  • Overall dimensions: 29.5″ long x 19.5″ wide x 30″ high
  • Drawer interior dimensions (3 drawers): 26.5″long x 19″ wide x 5″ deep

North Suite Living Room Furniture

  • 2 chairs: 2’8″ long x 2’7″ wide x 2’11” high
  • 1 loveseat: 4’5″ long x 2’8″ wide x 2’11” high
  • 1 coffee table: 3’5.5″ long x 1’11.5″ wide x 1’5″ high


  • South Double Room: 81.5″ wide x 62.25″ high
  • South Single Room: 39.75″ wide x 62.5″ high
  • North Suite and North Private Single Bedroom Window: 75″ wide x 66″ high

See for yourself!

Take a peek at provided furnishings and room elements on our Furniture Etc. highlight on Instagram. Visualize your room space by taking a spin through our Virtual Tours for video walkthroughs of the room styles, plus 360 views of each room type.

Want dimensions, layout, or 360 view for your specific room? Contact us at to request this info for your room. Be sure to include your room number!