Payment & Pricing


Newman Hall Room & Board payments are paid in 4 equal installments due on:

  • June 1
  • September 1
  • November 1
  • February 1

Room & Board payments are managed through our system. The system allows you to view past and present invoices, receive payment reminders, make payments, or set up recurring quarterly payments (autopay)*. Once you receive your invoice via email from the system, you can:

  • set up a one-time or automatic recurring quarterly ACH payment with no added fees
  • pay your invoice by credit card with a 3% added service fee
  • pay your invoice via check
  • pay your invoice via wire transfer

For those residents who require alternate payment arrangements, a 10-month installment plan is also available. 


10-Month Payment Plan

Residents may request a 10-month payment plan to pay room & board fees in 10 equal installments due monthly June through April.

  1. To request a 10-month payment plan, email
  2. We will modify your room & board invoice to reflect an annual cost, with a monthly payment.
  3. You will receive an email from reflecting the payment plan.
  4. Using the link provided in the email, login to to:
    1. accept the payment plan, and
    2. set up the required monthly ACH payment. You will enter your banking information on the secure portal.



Newman Hall works with students on financial aid by allowing a deferment of portions of room & board until financial aid is disbursed each semester.

  1. To request a Financial Aid Deferral, submit your Financial Aid Award letter* at
  2. Agree to the Financial Aid Deferral terms outlined on screen after you submit your Financial Aid Award letter.
  3. We will review your documents for approval.
  4. Upon approval, you will receive an updated room & board invoice reflecting:
    1. $500 Fall semester down payment due immediately upon invoice
    2. Balance of room & board Semester 1 payment (equal to Installment 1 + Installment 2 - $500 down payment) will be invoiced and due after Fall semester Financial Aid funds are dispersed (typically mid-September)
  5. In November, you will receive a second invoice reflecting:
    1. $500 Spring semester down payment due upon invoice
    2. Balance of room & board Semester 2 payment (equal to Installment 3 + Installment 4 - $500 down payment) will be invoiced and due after Spring semester Financial Aid Funds are dispersed (typically mid-February)




We understand that sometimes there can be delays in financial aid disbursements. We are happy to work with you if we are made aware of any potential issues or delays. Please contact us at to keep us informed about the status of your financial aid dispersal.

About FAFSA Delays 2024-2025
We understand that the delays in the FAFSA process for 2024-2025 may affect your ability to submit Financial Aid Award letters prior to the June 1 payment due date. This year, we can accept an initial upload of a screenshot of your FAFSA status showing in progress or submitted. After the University announces that they have released their award offers, upload your finalized documents and award letters within 3 business days to maintain your Financial Aid Deferral payment schedule. If no final documents are uploaded, your payment plan will revert to the standard 4 installment payment plan effective September 1, with the balance of the June 1 payment (less the $500 financial aid deferral down payment) due in addition to the September 1 installment.


2024-2025 Room style & meal plan pricing

South Double & South Triple Room
from $14,600

Pricing for South Double and South Triple Room styles for 2024-2025 is:


14 meals/week

$14,600 (annual)

$3,650 (installments)

$1,460 (monthly)

21 meals/week $15,850 (annual)
$3,962.50 (installments)
$1,585 (monthly)


View South Double Room Style

View South Triple Room Style

North Double Suite
from $16,100

Pricing for North Double Suite room styles for 2024-2025 is:


14 meals/week

$16,100 (annual)

$4,025 (installments)

$1,610 (monthly)

21 meals/week

$17,350 (annual)

$4,337.50 (installments)

$1,735 (monthly)


View North Double Suite Style

South Single Room
from $16,250

Pricing for the South Single style rooms for 2024-2025 is:


14 meals/week

$16,250 (annual)

$4,062.50 (installments)

$1,625 (monthly payments)

21 meals/week

$17,500 (annual)

$4,375 (installments)

$1,750 (monthly)


View South Single Rooms

North Single Suite
from $17,425

Pricing for the North Single Suite style rooms for 2024-2025 is:


14 meals/week

$17,425 (annual)

$4,356.25 (installments)

$1,742.50 (monthly)

21 meals/week

$18,675 (annual)

$4,668.75 (installments)

$1,867.50 (monthly)


View North Single Suites

North Semi-Private Single Room
from $17,575

Pricing for the North Semi-Private Single Room style for 2024-2025 is:


14 meals/week 

$17,575 (annual)

$4,393.75 (installments)

$1,757.50 (monthly)

21 meals/week

$18,825 (annual)

$4,706.25 (installments)

$1,882.50 (monthly)


View North Semi-Private Single Rooms