Newman Hall Move In 2023

Move In 2023
Move In takes place on Saturday, August 12 & Thursday, August 17!



Move In at Newman Hall takes place on Saturday, August 12 and Thursday, August 17.


Saturday, August 12 is the start of our amazing Welcome Week, and you won't want to miss it! During Welcome Week hosted by Newman Hall SPARK you can expect to find tons of great opportunities to meet people and have fun inside and outside of Newman Hall. 

Get ready for a great week of carefree time spent building friendships and settling into your home on campus with great events like:

  • exploring all the best spots on campus and around town,
  • basketball, sand volleyball, and pool days at the ARC,
  • froyo on the quad, campus food trucks, and coffee crawls, 
  • Newman Hall vs. Newman Hall tourneys and games,
  • the Newman Hall GLOW party,
  • Newman Olympics,
  • bonfires, movies on the lawn, and yard parties,
  • floor family dinners and nightly speed-friending events,
  • movie nights, game nights, 
  • the Welcome Back Bash,
  • and SO MUCH MORE!

View our complete Welcome Week schedule, full of dozens of events from 8 am to 10 pm August 12 through August 17!


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About Move In 2023

Move In Dates


Newman Hall Move In 2023 takes place on:


why move in early?

Newman Hall is unique on campus in offering a Welcome Week designed to help your student successfully transition into campus life. Newman Hall Welcome Week is a week full of carefree time spent in community, making friendships, learning their way around campus, and settling into life away from family and home - before the whirlwind of the first week of classes hits. Having those extra days to meet new people, become familiar with campus, and feel comfortable in a new home-away-from-home is key to starting the school year with confidence and solid ground.


For families, moving in on a day when campus is calm and not chaotic gives you time and space to enjoy the experience of your student's exciting next step. Moving in on Saturday when no one else on campus is moving in - versus Thursday when tens of thousands of students and families are moving in - means no traffic, easy parking, empty stores, and plenty of time to focus on getting your student unpacked and settled in.

newman move in guides

Newman Move In Guides are the best on campus, hands down! During Move In on Saturday, August 12 and Thursday, August 17, Move In Guides will meet you at your car, unload your vehicle, bring everything up to your room, and unload your belongings into your room so that you can get settled. You won't believe how easy and how fast a Newman Hall Move In is, thanks to the Newman Move In Guides!


Parent Welcome Sessions


Newman Hall Parents & Guardians, we invite you to join us at our Parent Welcome Sessions, held at 3:00 PM on Saturday, August 12 and Thursday, August 17.

These sessions are a great chance to meet Newman Hall and St. John's Catholic Newman Center staff, ask questions, and learn more about what your student can expect from life at Newman Hall. Hear from Newman Hall staff and returning parents about what to expect during your resident's transition to college life; the opportunities they will have to grow socially, intellectually, and spiritually; resources for navigating the hurdles of campus life, and more. Enjoy some refreshments and take a break during a busy, emotional day.


WElcome Mass & family farewell dinners

We invite you and your family to join us for the Newman Hall Family Farewell dinners on Saturday, August 12 and Thursday, August 17, following our Welcome Home Masses. Enjoy a complimentary meal with your family in our Dining Room along with your floormates, RA, and their families. The Family Farewell Dinner is a great celebration to end a bittersweet day and a chance to rest and refresh after move in day before traveling home. 


Family Farewell Dinners will take place at 6:00 PM on Saturday, August 12 and Thursday, August 17.


Frequently Asked Questions
When will move in take place?

Move In at Newman Hall takes place on Saturday, August 12 and Thursday, August 17, 2023.

What if I need to move in earlier than August 12?

Access to Newman Hall can be provided earlier than Saturday, August 12 for members of the Marching Illini, University of Illinois athletics teams, or students participating in other campus-sponsored programs who are required to be on campus prior to that date. Contact us for details.


We are not able to provide access to Newman Hall earlier than August 12 for reasons other than University-sponsored and University-required activities (e.g., travel arrangements, flight schedules, etc.). 

What if I need to move in between August 13-16?

If your family or travel schedule requires you to move in to Newman Hall between August 13 and August 16, please contact us for self-service move in options. 

Will move in assistance be available?

Newman Hall Move-In Guides are hands-down the BEST on campus.

  • Move-In Guide assistance will be available:

    • 9 AM to 5 PM Saturday, August 13

    • 8 AM to 5 PM Thursday, August 18

Is there any cost to move in before August 17?

Yes. In order to provide meals and activities, there is a $250 fee to move in during our Newman-exclusive Early Move In date of Saturday, August 12. 

Move-In charges will be invoiced after Move-In is complete to allow for flexibility in changing your schedule.


Do I have to register for Move In?

In order to provide for an efficient move-in for all residents and families, all residents must register for a Move-In day and time. 


Register now for Move In

What is the deadline to register for a move in date/time?

August 2nd is the deadline to register for your move in day.

Can I change my move in date/time?

Modifications to your Move In registration may be made using the link provided in the confirmation email you will receive after registration until August 2, pending the availability of alternate timeslots. To add or change a scheduled move in day after August 2nd, contact us at 217-344-1266 or by email at

Can you really move me in in 15 minutes?

Yes, we really can. Our Move In Guides are incredible, and hands down the best on campus!

What if I am late in arriving to my reserved time slot?

While we ask you to please plan for and leave plenty of time for any traffic, weather, or other delays, we know that sometimes things don’t always work according to plan. If you arrive after your registered move in window, our Move In team will direct you to the late staging area to wait until an Unloading Station becomes available. We will move you in as soon as possible, once the residents who are registered for that time slot have been unloaded.

What if I am early arriving to my reserved time slot?

If you arrive to campus early, we recommend taking a spin around campus to start getting to know the area. When your reservation window opens up, head over to Newman Hall so we can get you unloaded.

Are there carts to help me move my belongings?

Yes! We have plenty of carts to help you get your belongings up to your room, whether you’re moving during the self-service times, or via the Move In Guides.

Will there be meals served during Move In?

Complimentary Grab & Go Lunches are provided for residents and families during move in days, and our move in days end with the complimentary Family Farewell Dinner. Your full resident meal plan begins immediately, as soon as you move in.

Will there be Resident Orientation sessions on move in days?

Yes! We can’t wait to welcome you home in person and start getting to know you, and help you get to know Newman Hall. Resident Orientation and Floor Family Dinners are your chance to meet other Newman Hall residents on your floor and nearby floors in person. Stay tuned for details and schedule of our Resident Orientation sessions and Floor Family Dinners.

Will there be Parent Information Session on move in days?

We love meeting Newman Hall parents and helping to answer your questions. Parent Welcome sessions are an opportunity for you to meet Newman Hall staff, receive valuable information, and ask questions. We will be hosting Parent Information sessions on Saturday, August 12 and on Thursday, August 17 at 3:00 PM.

Will there be Move In Week activities this year?

Welcome Week is one of our favorite weeks of the year! We love getting to know our residents, helping them get to know campus and one another, and building our community. Each day and night during Welcome Week (August 12-17) we’ll be hosting activities like outdoor movie nights, bonfires, games on the lawn, dance parties, campus tours, and so much more!


View the full Welcome Week lineup