Roommate Matching

It's time to find your roommate(s), Newman Hall! Roommate Matching is open until May 31, 2023.


Newman Hall uses the MyCollegeRoomie platform to help you build a roommate lifestyle preference profile, meet other Newman Hall residents, and find a match.


To match with your future room- and/or suitemates:
  • Login to the MyCollegeRoomie platform and activate your account.
    • Check your email for your MyCollegeRoomie invitation. You should receive your invitation within 24 hours of contracting your Newman Hall room. Contact us at if you haven't already activated your account and are unable to locate your invitation.
  • Complete or update your profile and lifestyle questionnaire.
    • The questionnaire will be used to help you identify potential roommates who align with your preferences on the lifestyle attributes you find most important to your daily living.
    • You can also upload social media content, or make updates to your contact information and profile information.
  • Chat with residents who are recommended as possible roommate matches or with other residents in the same room style that you are contracted for.
    • You'll be able to view recommendations generated based on your answers to your lifestyle questionnaire, or filter by gender and view potential roommate matches in a similar room type.
    • Request to friend other residents you'd like to chat with.
  • After you've identified a roommate match, send your roommate match request via the MyCollegeRoomie portal. 
    • In order to send a Roommate Request, you must first send and accept a friend request for that person.
    • Roommates must mutually request one another for the match to be confirmed.
    • You'll be able to request matches with up to as many other residents as your room style will accommodate (e.g., 1 other for south double rooms, 3 others for north suites, etc.)
      • For residents in north double suite-style rooms, we recommend placing the highest priority on lifestyle alignment with the person you will be sharing a room with and the next highest priority on suitemates who will be sharing your suite, but not your bedroom.
      • If you do not identify all possible roommate matches to fill your room, additional roommates will be assigned by the Newman Hall Housing Office.
      • If you do not identify any roommate matches, you will be assigned to a room in the room style for which you contracted.
    • Requests for roommate matches with a resident contracted for a different style of room than yours will not be able to be accommodated due to the differing contracted room styles.
    • We will work to accommodate all mutual roommate requests. However, because some bed spaces have already been assigned through our Returning Resident Priority Contracting process, there is a possibility that we may be unable to accommodate all roommate requests due to space inventory. We will work directly with you should your roommate requests require alteration.
  • If you don't identify a roommate match, the system will pair you with an available roommate using your answers to your lifestyle questions to the best of its ability.
    • If you do not activate your MyCollegeRoomie profile or complete and submit a lifestyle preference questionnaire, you will be matched with a roommate from the unactivated/incomplete profile pool. The system will lack any information from your or from your potential roommate to pair you based on preferences or lifestyle and so your roommate match will be randomly assigned.
  • Once your mutual roommate match is received, we will begin assigning your specific room. Specific room assignments and roommate confirmations will be sent after the 1st week of June.
    • A link with your room and roommate information along with a 360 view of your specific room space will be sent during roommate assignments.
  • Updates to your MyCollegeRoomie profile are self-service through the MyCollegeRoomie portal. If you are experiencing any technical difficulties or errors in using the MyCollegeRoomie platform, support tickets may be filed at